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Financial Options are one of the Leading Independent Mortgage Brokers in Yorkshire

Who are Financial Options?

Steve Bryson, Carol’s husband, became a mortgage advisor in 1983. His job with Britannic Assurance took him all over the country. He settled in Selby in 1996 achieving area manager status for Selby, Goole and Pontefract. In 1999, the company closed and all members of staff were made redundant. Steve decided that with his team of dedicated advisors willing to work for him, he would set up Financial Options. In 2001, Steve and Carol purchased 24 Finkle Street, Selby and the rest is history.

Types of Mortgage Advisor

There are three main types of advisors: Those that work for one bank or building society. These banks are usually on the high street and you may bank with them personally. This advisor can only show you mortgages on offer with this particular bank. Independent Advisor. Here is the main misconception! Quite often these advisors say that they are independent, because they do not work for one single bank. This is true, but what is often not understood, is that these advisors work on behalf of a company that offer a limited number of mortgages on a select panel. They cannot offer you every single mortgage that is on offer. Independent, whole of market, Advisor. This group of advisors are a rare breed. They can offer every single mortgage that exists and quite often have exclusive offers from High Street Banks that you cannot get by going direct. Why choose Financial Options to look after your finances? Because they are independent, whole of market advisors!

Are they easy to talk to?

Whether it's your first time, investment time or just time for a better mortgage deal, Steve and his team, have every conceivable mortgage product at our fingertips. Almost every available offer and every type of mortgage. They'll guide you through all of the options in person, explain the pros and cons of each one and provide friendly, jargon-free advice on the full range of mortgage products and which one best suit you, your family and your future. Unlike many mortgage providers, they'll help you to choose the right mortgage for you face to face. You’ll sit together in a private office and discuss your challenges, hopes, goals and everything in between. It's just the way they like to do things. Simple. Easy. In Control. Don’t forget. The team here are mother’s, father’s, brothers, sisters, friends … some even grandparents. We are all human. We all know how difficult manging finances and understanding your finances can be sometimes and the team here fully understand, so don’t ever feel alone.

How long will it take?

A meeting with Steve, Simon and/or Stephen will take an hour. In that time, they will complete a form called a Factfind and that will hold all of your information they need to know about you. Within that hour, they will find the right mortgage for you and will have fully explained why they feel it is the best. At this point they will give you a ‘Decision in Principle’ if you need one to buy a house and give to the Estate Agent. If you are happy to go ahead, they will then process that mortgage, once you have gone home.


What are their fees?

Financial Options do not charge clients a fee. Like all Independent Mortgage Brokers they are paid a fee directly from the lender for arranging a mortgage. What sets them apart though is that they do not charge you a flat fee. Almost all lenders pay Independent Mortgage Advisors 0.4% or in simple terms £400 if you borrow £100,000 and £800 if you borrow £200,000. The bigger your mortgage the more they get paid. Some Independent Mortgage Advisors are greedy and charge an additional fee for setting up your mortgage. This should not be the case. Some try and sell their fee on the basis that it is a ‘one-off lifetime client fee’ or ‘your finances are too complicated’. This simply shows their inexperience of doing the job and their greed for wanting to line their pockets.

Legal Information

Your home or property may be repossessed if you do no keep up repayments on your mortgage. Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of buy to let mortgages. Financial Options (Selby) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They are entered on the Financial Services Register No 711304. Registered in England No. 04206803. Registered address: 24 Finkle Street, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 4DS.

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