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Charlotte Gill BA HONS MNAEA, Director

Bring your home to life using the 'Write' words

A well written property description can make your home come to life and jump off the screen or off a page of a brochure.  A creative, engaging and beautifully written description of your home should encapsulate the lifestyle your home offers and capture your buyer’s heart.


Selling homes is not just about selling bricks and mortar, there is so much beneath the surface. Our job as an estate agent is to sell the lifestyle that makes your home special. It is this that will help buyers connect to your home on an emotional level.


Lifestyle is usually the driver behind a home move. When a home is no longer serving someone, they will feel a push to move. Having moved on in life, a buyer will now desire a different type of home and lifestyle. They feel a pull to move. Your property marketing and the write up of your home help grab your buyer’s attention and pull them towards your home.

This is why your property description is so important. It is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy and key in attracting a buyer. However, there is a difference between a beautifully written write up and an un-engaging, mundane written list of particulars. There are some incredibly poor examples out there. To maximise the impact of your marketing your description needs to be the best it can be. This is why at JP Harll we employ the services of a specialist copy writer. A professional who is a master with words and can capture the beauty of your home and your lifestyle using the ‘write’ words. Words that will grip the reader, leaving them wanting to find out more about your home.

Here’s an example of the way another estate agent described a conservatory in a beautiful 17th Century home.


There is an Amdega Style Conservatory offering additional reception space.”


Here is how we described the same room:


“Emerge from the rusticity of 1600s England into your opulent sun room. An all year round living space in itself, take a seat on those balmy summer evenings and enjoy views out onto your garden. Or in winter snuggle up with a good book and relax with a glass of velvety red.”


Our way is wordier and may not be to everyone’s taste but it certainly conjures up a homely, inviting vision of this room. Our buyers and indeed our clients love the way we do this.


To maximise the impact of your marketing here are our pointers to ensure you have the ‘write’ description.




The structure of your description is important. Starting with the headline. This is the first text your buyer will see, so it has to make an impact. Asking a question is a great way to grab attention. Its different, engaging and gets your house noticed.


Ramp up your adjectives

Cleverly scattering your description with warming adjectives can pull on your buyer’s emotions. These words will make your house come across more homely, warm and inviting.


Ban jargon

All too often we see property descriptions saturated with estate agency jargon that means absolutely nothing to a buyer and are just empty, wasted words. Ban the jargon and talk to your buyer with words that they would use and are meaningful.


Room breakdown

Writing a description listing each room under its own section is an old-fashioned way of marketing a home. It is boring and your buyer will probably switch off before they’ve got passed the first room. Do buyers really care how many television points there are in a room? No, adding such pointless detail like this into a description is a waste of space. If a buyer really is concerned they will check such finer details during a viewing. Instead we prefer to include a description that is a creatively written tour of your home and follows its natural flow.



Dimensions belong on a floor plan not in the written description. A list of room dimensions will mean nothing to some. It makes much more sense to include these on the floor plan. It will make it easier for your buyer to interpret the information and see how it works for them.

So, if you are selling your home, take a look at your description. Is it engaging and interesting? If not speak to your agent and get them to rewrite it or come and see us. We know the impact good copy has. We will commission our specialist copywriter to make your home come to life and help a buyer fall in love with your home just the way that you did.

Want an honest opinion? Email us your Rightmove link and we will let you know what we think about your write up email


Until next time,