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Conveyancers & Solicitors


I want to give a huge ‘shout out’ and thank you to the all the solicitors, conveyancers and staff out there who are doing their very best in the most difficult of circumstances.


To those, still on Furlough, who are chomping at the bit to return to work.


To those, who are trying to do their best working from home, especially those with small children that they are trying to keep entertained so that they can work.


To those, who have been brought back to work, whilst their colleagues are still Furloughed or working from home and who are expected to pick up the short-fall that has occurred.


To those, who heroically, worked right through Lock-down.


And, most especially those who are expected to work whilst under the threat of redundancy.


Here at JP Harll, we have agreed the sale of ‘double’ the number of houses that we agreed in June and July of last year.


Yet, this year on completion of sales, we have achieved only 1/3rd and ½ of what we achieved in those months last year.  The rest are still on-going.


Properties are taking longer than ever before to complete the conveyancing process because of the bottleneck that has been created by Covid and employer’s response to how they are dealing with it.


Homebuyers and sellers are at an all-time high with stress levels because they too, in their daily lives have had to survive and manoeuvre their way  through this pandemic, as too have conveyancers, estate agents and surveyors and mortgage advisers, and they are now struggling with communication and progress of the sale.


If we, at JP Harll have doubled our sales in the last couple of months, then it is to be hoped that all the other agents have achieved similar success this summer.  However, this means that Conveyancers will have double their usual workload.


So let’s show a bit of compassion, support and extra kindness.


We couldn’t do our jobs without them and for the majority of the population, you couldn’t buy or sell your property without them.


Remember too, that the work they do includes work to protect both you and your potential home.


To buyers and sellers, whilst we all want properties to complete as soon as possible, we must show some patience.


To solicitors and conveyancers employers, please show some support for your staff, who are doing their best in difficult circumstances.  There is no point leaving them working under so much pressure and under staffed that they reach breaking point. 


After all, it’s nobody’s fault that wheels are wobbling – we just don’t want them to fall off.


So let’s show some tolerance and support each other in these difficult times and send some love to our conveyancing community.


And if you are a home owner or trying to be a homeowner, please remember you are not the only client that your conveyancer is trying to help.  Even the best of conveyancers are struggling at the moment.  These are unprecedented times.


Have a lovely Sunday,