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Selling houses is not just about selling bricks and mortar. Its about selling a lifestyle, selling a dream. The best way to get interest in your house sale is to ensure that you capture your buyer’s attention and their hearts. The way to do this is to show them the type of lifestyle your home has to offer. So that they can image themselves living in your home. The way to do this is through your property marketing.

Your property marketing should bring your home to life so that it jumps of the screen or page and commands your buyer’s attention. Here at JP Harll we are advocates for using high quality marketing to sell your home. Our marketing focuses on the lifestyle your home offers and is completely bespoke to each one of our houses. Uniquely tailored and crafted to each home.

There are many different elements that play a part in our marketing strategy, these include: three different styles of professional photography (lifestyle, twilight and aerial), professional, poetic copywriting, a bespoke and professionally printed brochure, visual branding and video. We know that each of these elements has its part to play in grabbing the attention of your buyer and compelling them to want to know more about your home.

One of these key marketing elements that we are seeing great results with is lifestyle videography. We are one of the only local agents to include this in our marketing package. Video can really bring your home to life and help your buyer connect to your home.

Whilst there is no doubt that professional lifestyle photography is one of the most important marketing tools that we use, video takes your marketing to the next level. With video your buyers get a better sense of the space of your home, it helps their spatial awareness. They can see how your home flows and what it is like to walk through your house. Above all else it is another way that they can connect to your home. Video is emotive, it tells the ultimate story in 1 minute and 20 seconds. Watching a video walk through of your home is next best thing to seeing your home in real life.

Our videos specifically focus on the lifestyle elements of your home. Presenting the best bits of your home. We show the wonderful garden views, seeing the wind rustling the leaves and hearing the birds singing. Our videos capture your cosy, log burners flames dancing and flickering. Your buyers can see the hot tub in action - bubbling and steaming away. This all helps your buyer imagine themselves, tucked up in front of the fire or relaxing in the hot tub after a hard day in the office or seeing the children play on the luscious lawn. In essence, it helps them picture themselves living this kind of lifestyle and feel the emotions that come with it.

Video is a great tool to promote your home on social media. Facebook loves video, much more than images. By promoting your property video through social media channels, we reach more people. The better exposure the better chance of reaching your buyer. We see much better engagement through using video on social media. This is just one of the clever advantages that video has.

As humans we are all different and different buyers will favour looking at different elements of our marketing. Many will look at the images first, some go straight to the floor plan, some will request a printed brochure. Others will connect with video. Using video, you are offering your buyers an alternative way to connect to your home. For those that prefer video, it will really resonate. For those that prefer other mediums, it still gives them another option to choose, it is a different way to bring your home to life.

At JP Harll we know that all buyers are different and we like to cover all angles. We go that bit further to ensure that we cater for all buyers. Video plays a critical part in this. It shows your buyer a little more of your home that images alone cannot, yet, it still leaves them wanting to know more. It will compel and intrigue so that your buyer feels the urge to pick up the phone and book a viewing. The whole purpose of your property marketing is to get viewers through your door. Video can help achieve this goal and potentially exposure your home to more buyers.

If you want to know how our lifestyle videos can help sell your home, get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat more about this in more detail. Call us on 01757 709955 or email

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