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This weeks’ Sunday thoughts are going to be short because I am on holiday and also trying not to think.


Are you one of those people who think ‘it could only happen to me’.


If you are, read on.  As many of you know, when Steve was made redundant in 2001 he spent his redundancy money on an apartment in Tenerife.  He said this would be his pension pot.  Initially we rented it out but as the years went by his love of the place grew to such an extent he didn’t want to share it with anybody else because it meant he couldn’t come out at the drop of a hat or he found others beat him to the cheap flights or the weeks he wanted.  This has meant that for the last few years, as retirement has drawn closer, he has wanted to come out every 6-8 weeks for a week or so.


We were here when they went into Lockdown in March and fortunately our flight home was booked for the following day.


I have worked right through Lockdown, initially 7 days per week to ensure that those sales that were progressing, stuck together, and made it to completion where they could, whilst the girls were furloughed.  I had to make sure there were jobs for them to come back to.


So I was really ready and happy to agree to come to Tenerife for 2 weeks yesterday, when I never come in July and August because I find it too hot.


Imagine our surprise to find on landing that in the time we’d been in the air, it had been announced that we would have to quarantine on our return for 14 days.


Stephen, being ever helpful messaged “would you like me to set up an office in your kitchen again for when you come back?”  Errrr, let me think about that.