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The Interior Trend that’s going VIRAL on instagram and in Selby

It’s hard to figure out when the pampas grass came into our lives and became an Instagram sensation, but we’re guessing that’s because of the nature of the decor itself. 

Understated and delicately minimalistic, yet it caused influencers across Instagram to go crazy for it. 

Dried flowers have made a comeback and it appears, for now, they're here to stay and the wheat-like pampas grass is what you need to get on-trend for 2021. 

For us over at JP Harll, it was this weird effect that one day we knew nothing about pampas grass. Next, we can’t STOP seeing it. Tell us in the comments if this happens to you after reading this blog!

How to update your decor with Pampas Grass

1. Mix with your pared-down festive decor

The festive season might be over, but that doesn’t mean the January blues has to set in just yet. By removing red decorations, bows, and the signature pieces of Christmas, you’ll find to your surprise that you’re left with wonderful wintery whites, metallics, and lush natural greenery. 

Add some pampas grass to a medium-sized vase on your dining table and you can still have a table with some grandeur. 

2. Update your fireplace mantel

If like us, you’ve had a wreath with pinecones and all sorts of lovely festive decor on your mantel, to go from that to nothing has a feeling of emptiness. Well, never fear - we’ve now got pampas grass in our lives and you can update your mantel to give a dramatic glamour to start off the new year in true roaring 20’s style! 


3. Create a sanctuary within your Bedroom 

After an unprecedented year in 2020 and spending more time in our homes than ever before, it's never been more important to create a place of sanctuary in our spaces. By adding a full vase and some lovely pampas grass as a very intentional home decor piece for the bedroom, you can create a blissful zen-space to escape for a great night of sleep. 


4. Add some Great Gatsby Glamour to your home

We’ve seen some clients go truly minimal with their decor this year in Selby to create calm and peace within their homes while others are really loving the idea of a revival of the roaring 20’s with some Hollywood glamour! Adding pampas grass to an oversized glass vase paired with luxury velvet textures throughout the room will give a glamour only previously seen in Hollywood sets and Pinterest! 


We’d love to know if you’d adopted this trend in our local area of Selby and if you're a small business now selling this trend please get in touch as we’d love to support and promote you! Call us  on 01757709955 or email us at