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Charlotte Gill BA HONS MNAEA, Director

Where do Selby buyers come from?

and, why this information will affect your choice of estate agents and where your property is advertised


In 2019 only 45% of our buyers, who completed on the purchase of one of our properties came from within the YO8 postcode.


The other 55% came from further afield including overseas.


What that tells you, as a seller, is that not everybody who is looking to buy a property is going to be driving past your house regularly.  Your on-line photography has to be good enough to make the journey worthwhile.



The photography used to sell your home has to be good enough to capture the attention of buyers who cannot drive-by to check out your property.



In 2019, the majority of people who bought one of our properties came to us through Rightmove.  43% in fact.  You would probably guess that, as Rightmove is the No. 1 property portal in the UK.


In second place, we had a total surprise – the leads had come via our website at 23%.


Third place, was an even bigger surprise – people who had come into our office at 10%.

Zoopla came in 4th at nearly 9%.


In 5th place on our ‘buyers lead table’ were our ‘for sale’ boards.   Over 7% of buyers had been alerted to the property they went on to buy, being for sale.


In 6th place at 4% were buyers who had been told by friends or family of the seller that a property was for sale.


The rest came from people already registered on our mailing list.



What does this all mean when you are thinking about selling your home?


1.      Rightmove is still King when it comes to the property portals by my findings and you would want your property advertised on their site if you were selling in the Selby area.


2.      You would want your home to be advertised on a good estate agency website - so check out those websites before choosing your agent.


3.      You would want an estate agency with a High Street office where buyers can walk in and chat with staff face to face.



Keep reading to discover why your agency needs an office your buyers can pop into (when Covid allows).



No. 5 on our buyers lead table, was proof you still want a ‘for sale’ board.  Not only do they help viewers find your property easily – especially if your house has a name and not a number.  They actually sell your home to people who wouldn’t have otherwise known your property was on the market.


And, don’t forget your friends and family who spread the word for you.  They will even share your agents’ social media posts and your posts if you ask them to. 



Let’s get to the really interesting stuff – what you really want to know!


When I started to drill down on the facts I discovered something else.  I looked at the average house price bought by the different lead types.


In top place were the buyers who had walked into our office at nearly £222,500.


In second place were the buyers who had come to us through our website at just over £220,500.


And, third place was our Rightmove leads at just under £200,000.


What this tells me, if I was selling my house:


1.     I’d want an estate agent with a High Street office.

2.     I’d want them to have an excellent website.

3.     I’d want them advertising on Rightmove.

4.     I’d have a ‘for sale’ board.

5.    I’d want excellent photography.

Until next time,