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The JP Harll Club


Do you want the ‘heads-up’ about new properties that are going to be coming on to the market before they appear on Rightmove or elsewhere?


Do you want to be a step ahead of other potential buyers?


When we are asked out to a market appraisal, sometimes the seller is ready to go ‘live’ straight away and sometimes it takes them a few days to return the Property Information Questionnaire and proofs required to comply with Legislation.  Sometimes people want to get everything ready but want to go on holiday first.


This means we sometimes know a property is coming on to the market 24 hrs to 2 weeks before it does.


Although active marketing may be on hold, as long as we have a signed contract, we can give you the ‘heads-up’.


Do you want to be one of those who gets the ‘heads-up’?


Why would you want to know in advance in others?


If you haven’t put your property on the market yet and you need to sell in order to buy, it gives you the much needed opportunity to get the ball rolling on your own home sale.


If you are already registered with us as having an ‘undercover’ property, depending on how far you have got, it might be that at a ‘press of a button’, you can get your house on the market and even be under offer ahead of the other property launching.


At the very least you will be a few steps ahead of where you would have been without advance notification.


If you are a buyer without a property to sell, why would you want to join the JP Harll club?


You will have been pre-qualified by our own ‘in-house’ mortgage advisers, even if you would like to use your own adviser and you will still receive prior notice of what is coming up for sale.


One quick note worth a mention here.  All mortgage advisers are not equal.


Our guys have recently obtained a mortgage offer for some clients who were initially reluctant to see our advisers.  They were provided with a ‘Decision in Principle’ or as it is otherwise known, an ‘Agreement in Principle’ which turned out to be not worth the paper it was written on.  The clients then went to see another adviser who told them they wouldn’t be able to obtain a mortgage.


Sometimes an adviser will not want to put in the extra effort involved in obtaining you a Decision in Principle if it isn’t easy or straight forward.  If they have enough business already and simply can’t be bothered they might tell you, you won’t be able to get one, when they haven’t exhausted every avenue.

On other occasions we have been provided with Decision in Principles which can only be described as ‘ficticious’.  This is when there is absolutely no way that the adviser has done their job properly and provided a legitimate certificate.


A quick word here to mortgage advisers that have done that.  Don’t expect us to accept a Decision in Principle from you in the future.  We act in our client’s best interest, our client being the seller and we will not accept another certificate from you again without deeper questioning or the client having to have a second opinion from one of our advisers.  You have damaged your reputation.


Remember, the property portals are no longer going to be the first place where you can find out what properties we have on the market.  You can now find out before they get to that stage.


If you want to get ahead of the rest.


Give us a call on 709955 or drop me an email to you can also pop in to the office at 24 Finkle Street, Selby YO8 4DS


Take care and have a lovely Sunday